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Private Equity Division

About Vogo-WIDUS Investment (PE)

Vogo established Vogo-Widus Investment by partnering with Widus
Partners for the purpose of identifying and executing on cross-border
private equity transactions and alternative/special situation
investments. Vogo-Widus Investment aims to source proprietary private
equity deals across the Pan-Asian region and coordinate with regional
strategic partners to co-invest in such transactions in order to
generate better returns for its investors.

Private Equity Investment Strategy

  1. 01
    We focus on helping entrepreneurs and businesses gain access to strategic capital and overseas markets. We also focus our resources to identifying, developing and “institutionalizing” in-depth relationships with key strategic investors and corporations that can truly add value to our entrepreneurs and businesses.
  2. 02
    We advise companies and get them ready for “strategic capital”. Not all companies have the experience to evaluate its past performances objectively, plan for its future proactively and structure deals that meet the expectations of seasoned investors. We deliver results by bridging that gap, often by engaging companies to become more self-aware and ensuring that the company grows to the next level of sophistication and maturity - more systematically run and with the view to enrich all shareholders, not just the owner-founders.
  3. 03
    We invest prior to or along with strategic investors. Such investment fully aligns our interests to work closely with the companies to make them more successful. We succeed when companies succeed and are fully committed to advise on strategic partnerships and follow-on institutional investments to fuel growth and provide better return on equity.
  4. 04
    We proactively create further liquidity events in order to ensure that our LPs benefit from shorter investment cycles and continue to support us on subsequent deals. We need to drive this process and not simply wait for market conditions to dictate our exit. Our team should prioritize and plan for return capital to our LPs within 24 to 36 months of our initial investments, significantly shorter life cycles than other competing investment firms.